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Since 2001 SOFT EXPRESS is constantly innovating and providing the right tools at the right time for different types of enterprises. We are here to help your organization to increase its productivity, improve its efficiency and make a better use of its assets. With our own products and resources and with the best partnerships, Soft Express it’s always moving faster and better in the direction where the markets go.

Some of our services

Smart marketing

Data Monetization

Smart Management






Solutions & Services for Corporations

Achieve the best results with our wide variety of Solutions & Services according to your needs!

Advanced Analytics

  • Big Data analytics
  • Machine learning
  • Monetization
  • Consumer Insights
  • Prospecting
  • Geomarketing
  • Analysis & Digital Marketing Services

Business Intelligence

  • Software Architecture and Design: assistance in decision making.
  • Planning and Project Management.
  • Analysis and Improvement of existing software solutions.
  • Migration of existing Applications and/or Services from a platform to other.
  • Analysis and Design of the IT Applications.
  • Software Reengineering.


  • Big Data Infrastructure Development
  • Hadoop technology
  • Blockchain
  • Systems Integration
  • Telecommunications Infrastructure


    Development and Coding
  • Custom Developments
  • Application Development
  • Reengineering and Systems Migration


  • Integration Consulting
  • Data Integration
  • API Integration


  • E-Signature
  • Intelligent Indexing
  • Free Text Search

Solutions & Services for Public Administration


  • Medical Control/Vaccination
  • Purchases, Contracts And Suppliers Managemnet
  • Immutable Contents And Publications
  • Land And Property Registration


  • Development of certified digital clinical record
  • Paperless government purchases
  • Certified digital academic record
  • Purchase, sale and payment relationships
  • Digitally certified electronic vote
  • Development of electronic invoices
  • Traceability of all the actors
  • Benefits
  • Security and legal certainty for national and international procedures
  • Facilitation of legal and administrative procedures
  • A single window for all proceduress
  • Development of electronic commerce


  • Big Data Infrastructure Development
  • Hadoop technology
  • Blockchain
  • Systems Integration
  • Telecommunications Infrastructure


Some of our products

Effective protection from cyberbullying

smartphones, tablets and computers

Online Child Safety

PureSight Surfie

Full Life Cycle Modeling with UML©

at a team friendly price

Developers Tools

Sparx Enterprise Architect
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Leading technologies and solutions.

worldwide approved

Telcos Solutions

FinePoint Technologies
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Products and services for TelCos

Rapid deployment, adaptation to marketing and process changes, effective service installation, activation and customer care.

Authorized Reseller

  • ServPoET Access Concentrator
  • MountainView
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Our Team

We solve problems, answer questions and fulfill business objectives of public and private organizations through the exploitation of their transactional data and systems infrastructure.

We develop artificial intelligence engines to facilitate situation analysis, decision making, scheduling specific actions and presentation of results.

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